Full compatibility!

Connect to the Cloud Storage service any Partizan IP camera or video recorder.

Absolutely free for three days!

You can try all the features of the service for free and after choose accordingly to your needs the most appropriate payment plan.

Only with CLoud Master!

In a few minutes Cloud Master will automatically set up the camera and add it to your account!

Observe and listen
  • If you set the camera with a built-in microphone
    you have a possibility not to only watch video,
    but to hear sound as well.
    In your account you can turn on
    and off the sound when it is needed.
  • Partizan company produces cameras and creates a unique software for them.
  • With the Partizan Cloud Storage you will never have compatibility problems. Any of our cameras work perfectly in our cloud!
  • Partizan Cloud Storage supports not only Partizan cameras and video recorders!
  • This means that you have the opportunity to connect IP cameras and video recorders of any other brand to our service, and even use your old analog system.
  • Make sure that the equipment you connect to Partizan Cloud Storage supports the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and uses the H. 264 video compression codec. A static IP address is also required.

  • All you need to connect the equipment of other brand is to copy its RTSP address into the appropriate field of the Add Master. Web browser allows you to add devices with both high and standard image quality. Mobile applications for iOS and Android allow only high image quality (insert RTSP address in the 'High quality' field).
  • You can add each channel of the recorder to the Cloud as a separate camera by using the RTSP address of the selected channel, which makes it possible to combine a classical video surveillance system with watching and storing video in the Cloud!
  • Partizan Cloud Storage is a great opportunity to use high-quality and convenient cloud service without replacing the entire existing system, besides at very reasonable rates starting at $ 2 per month!
  • There is nothing easier than adding a Partizan camera to the Partizan Cloud Storage system. You don’t need to know the network technology, you dont need a static IP address or understand port forwarding. With our Plug & Play technology you can forget about complicated setup and settings.
  • All you need is to run Partizan Cloud Master search option and set the equipment on your PC, or just add a camera to your account by scanning the QR code from the box or from the camera itself in a mobile application. This is everything you need to do!